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La Hi-Fi accessible à tous!

Fondée en 2017, Vintage Référence est avant tout une affaire de passionnés dans le domaine de la HiFi vintage.

Acheter du matériel HiFi vintage, c’est vous garantir une fabrication de qualité durable ainsi qu’un plaisir à la fois d’écoute et d’esthétique.

Chaque jour nous nous efforçons de réparer, de réviser et ainsi d’offrir une seconde vie à tous nos appareils. Vintage Référence s’inscrit ainsi dans une démarche écoresponsable en s’engageant contre le gaspillage d’appareils électriques.

Afin de rendre cet univers accessible au plus grand nombre nous présentons un large choix de platines vinyle, amplificateurs, enceintes et autre matériel HiFi pour tous types de budgets.

Que vous soyez néophyte, initié, connaisseur ou collectionneur, Vintage Référence saura répondre à vos attentes.

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5/5 ,
(72 avis)
5/5 ,
Nice surprise that this 100% audiophile workshop! In addition to knowing how to repair extraordinary equipment, Guillaume is friendly and gives good advice. Thanks to him, I was able to resell 1 repairable CD player & buy 1 of superior quality at a low price. Be careful, repair times are victims of the success of this good address!
5/5 ,
Super retro store: I found my happiness there by buying an amp, a cd player, 2 speakers and a superb turntable with tangential arm. A simple lover of good sounds, I was able to take advantage of top-notch advice given by real passionate professionals to choose the equipment suited to my budget without compromising on quality. And to top it off, they are very available to answer questions even after purchase. I am very very satisfied and absolutely recommend them.
5/5 ,
All this material should be behind a display case in the center of Tours. It's beautiful and so consistent with the future that more and more of us want it. If you come for a repair, you will also inevitably leave with one of these second-hand devices on attractive! It's like a privilege to be there, accompanied by competent and passionate professionals who take the time to advise. It is also a very reassuring happiness that this place exists and those who take care of it.
5/5 ,
Thank you to the entire Vintage Reference team for their advice and quality work (including after-sales follow-up!). Your workshop puts balm in the heart and a little slap in the face of planned obsolescence! Glad to have been able to access good material without breaking the bank. Best wishes ! Musically 🎶
5/5 ,